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Outsourcing and Remote Working Specialists

We are a London-based recruitment company and work closely with our sister organisation, EnableSA, situated in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

We have a substantial amount of experience in identifying and matching candidates to client companies and are ready to address your outsourcing and remote staffing needs now.


Although we work in most of the traditional outsourcing and remote staffing areas, we tend to focus on a relatively narrow band of functions. In this way our specialisation is your strength.

Our primary focus is on the following areas:


Accounting and Auditing

Financial Directors and Managers,
Chartered Accountants, Management and Cost Accountants, Bookkeepers, Debtor and Creditor Clerks, and Payroll Administrators. 


Manufacturing Directors and Managers, Quality Managers, Production Managers, Engineers, Industrial Engineering Managers and Purchasing Managers.

Human Resources

Directors and Managers, HR Officers, Administrators, Training Managers, Training Officers and Indistrial Relations Personnel.



A great many organisations have used outsourcing at some stage of their business growth journey. As a result, this skills procurement mechanism has virtually become an industry in it’s own right. The key benefit is that it offers a primary focus on specified outcomes without the need to enter into an employment relationship.


Remote staffing, on the other hand, has flourished since Covid-19 when the need to continue working, without gathering together, became an imperative. At more or less the same time, cloud-based collaboration technology such as MS Teams, Zoom, and others came into their own and greatly facilitated the working-from-home concept.

As a result of all this, the notion of working from home grew into, for many companies, a means of more readily accessing knowledge, skills, and experience which might have been more difficult to secure if the labour pool was limited to ready proximity to the office or plant.


The following key points are relevant:


Once you have identified the need for additional resources, you engage with us and we will allocate an experienced recruiter to your project. At this point, we will enter into a non-disclosure agreement with your organisation.


The recruiter will ensure that he/she fully understands your needs. This will typically include studying documents such as Job Specifications / Job Descriptions and related documents as well as engaging with your responsible person to ensure that your needs are fully understood.


Once all the relevant aspects have been agreed upon, our recruiter will manage the recruitment process covering advertising, screening, interviewing, testing (if required), and reference checking.


A short list of suitable candidates will then be sent to your responsible person.


Once you have selected a suitable candidate this person will be engaged by EnableSA, seconded to EnableUK and then be made available to you for work.


EnableUK will act as your liaison with the employee and handle any issues that may arise.


EnableSA will be the employer of the employee and be responsible for matters relating to remuneration, legislative requirements, and any other matters which ordinarily relate to the role of employer.


As a user of the employee's services, EnableUK will bill you on a monthly basis according to hours worked at the agreed rate.